spider sacks diy.

the other weekend, i tried to do this diy and it was a super fail- i’m pretty sure i already mentioned that in some other post somewhere. looking back on my first try at this, i think i know what went wrong- but we’ll get to that in a minute. this diy is a little more complicated than the usual kind i do, just because it takes a little bit longer to complete- overall though, i think its a cute halloween diy that i think is well worth the extra time it takes to finish!

spider sacks supplies

water balloon balloons

elmers glue (or whatever basic glue you choose)


clear fishing wire

balloon inflator (optional)

wax paper

plastic spiders

1. make a glue and water mixture. im pretty sure this is where i messed up the first time, not having the right glue to water ratio. this time i did 50% glue to 50% water. i had a really hard time dissolving the glue in the water during my first go around, just using water and a stir stick so this time, i put my water and glue concoction into a mason jar so i could it to mix appropriately- using hot water also helped to dissolve the glue with the water.

2. blow up those balloons! since they’re tiny water balloon balloons, they’re pretty hard to inflate which is why i recommend using an air pump to help you out (i used my husbands air compressor). blow up however many you want, as big or as little as your liking. an array of sizes are best in my opinion.

3. take your yarn and estimate about how much you will need for one of your balloons (i wrapped the yarn around my ring, middle and pointer finger about 20 times as an avg. length). cut and dip into your glue mixture- make sure your yarn is well coated. when you pull it out, take your pointer finger and thumb, and run your fingers down the yarn to get off any excess glue- it’ll take forever to dry if you dont do this step.

4. wrap yarn around your balloon.

5. set balloon on a sheet of wax paper and let dry overnight, at least- this process may take longer (mine took two and a half days).

6. pop the balloon and pull out carefully from the inside of the yarn web. tie a little bit of fishing wire to the top off the yarn web, add your spider(s) to it and hang it up!

pretty cute stsuff. . .

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3 thoughts on “spider sacks diy.

  1. I like this idea, but two and a half days?! lol Did you possibly have a small fan blowing on them or no? Was thinking I might try this with my son this weekend, but might use a fan if so…. Thanks for posting!

    1. thanks for your interest in my blog! yea, two and a half days is a long time but, the ones that i tried to pop sooner ended up falling apart so- i was just being extra careful! if you do try this diy post some pictures so i can see how yours turned out!

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